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VITAMIN A is for anti-ageing!


We have become a society that is overly concerned about ageing…  Nobody wants to age, and everyone is searching for the latest and greatest anti-ageing solutions (most of which are a quick fix).  But what if I told you, that a Vitamin A deficiency was responsible for your ageing concerns.  Correct the deficiency and you’ll correct your concerns.

So, stop injecting and start applying VITAMIN A. 

Think about it… Why have a ‘young’ face with old skin..?


Vitamin A Deficiency Quote


History of Vitamin A

Vitamin A was discovered way back in 1912 by Frederick Gowland Hopkins who recieved a Nobel Prize for his discovery of vitamins.  Scientists first suggested that ageing skin is caused by a Vitamin A deficiency in 1930.  It was in 1954 that Vitamin A in the form of Retinyl Palmitate was first used to treat intrinsic skin ageing.  Professor Cluver from South Africa discovered in 1964 that an oral supplementation of Vitamin A protects humans from sunburn.  In 1987 Dr Des Fernandes used Retinyl Palmitate to treat photoageing (sun damage).

Following this discovery, Dr Des Fernandes pioneered the use of daily topical Vitamin A and revolutionised the aesethics industry in 1990 by founding Environ Skin Care.  Dr Fernandes formulated, manufactured and distributed the world’s first skin care products containing active and effective doses of Vitamin A!


Vitamin A – the skin vitamin

Known as the skin vitamin, Vitamin A is essential for the normal function and structure of our skin. Vitamin A is the only known molecule that keeps the skin healthy and combats the signs of ageing.  It belongs to a group of organic chemicals called Retinoids which naturally occur within the human body. Unfortunately it is our constant exposure to UV light that depletes our storage levels of Vitamin A within our skin.  Our diet alone is not enough to help restore the amount of Vitamin A lost on a daily basis, in fact the skin is the last organ to receive any nutrients from our diet.  So to prevent skin ageing and counteract our Vitamin A deficiency, it is essential that we apply Vitamin A directly (topically) to the skin!

Ageing is an inevitable part of life that can’t be stopped, but premature and photo ageing can!


I’ll let this infographic explain what effects Vitamin A has on the skin…


Infographic: Vitamin A
Image courtesty of Environ Skin Care, environskincare.com.


Isn’t it A-mazing just what one powerful ingredient can do for the skin?

It is the answer to all your skin and aging concers!


Myth Busting Vitamin A

Just like anything, there is a lot of misinformation about Vitamin A that people believe to be true.

So let’s bust some common myths that peope have about Vitamin A…

Eviron Vitamin A Infographic

Image courtesty of Environ Skin Care, environskincare.com


Why use Environ’s Vitamin A Complex

Vitamin A is quite a complex and delicate ingredient that needs to be handled with care and this is exactly what Environ does.

  • It starts by using a powerful combination of Vitamin A, C, E, antioxidants and peptides that are proven by science to make the skin actually be better (they don’t use fad ingredients).
  • Then to manufacture the ingredients under pharmaceutical grade conditions to ensure that the freshness and stability of the products is not compromised (most products are manufactured every couple of weeks and have a shelf life varying from 6 -18 months).
  • Next to package the products in specialised airless pump packs to prevent the chance of the products degrading from air, light and heat (this guarantees the product is still going to be as equally effective up until its expiry date).
  • Before becoming available, each product is trialled and tested by Dr Des Fernandes himself and then clinically trialled to prove the results (some products are trialled for years before being launched and others may never make it to the market).
  • The unique Step-Up System allows your skin to start its journey comfortably and safely with each level stepping up the increasing levels of vitamins, antioxidants and peptides (if you were to start on a high dose of  Vitamin A, you would likely experience a retinod response – this is not an allergic reaction – its happens when too much Vitamin A has been applied too quickly).
  • Finally to have the products prestiguously endorsed by the Swiss Vitamin Institute to ensure that the client receives the highest quality product with the claimed vitamin content (this proves that the stated dose of ingredients made by Environ is exactly what you receive in your product – if the manufacturing and packaging processes weren’t as strict the products could be inactive by the time you receive them).

These are the reasons we have choosen to use Environ at Personal Skin.


VITAMIN A is the answer to anti-ageing!


Jodie xx

Your Personal Skin Technician