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Is your skin lacking Vitamin A…?

Are you lacking skin confidence?  Is you skin showing signs of ageing?  Has your skin lost its glow?

Then the answer is YES… Your skin is lacking Vitamin A!


This info graphic from Environ will help you understand what happens if your skin is Vitamin A deficient and how important it is to replenish your skin daily with effective doses of Vitamin A.


Environ Vitamin A Info-graphic

To help you better understand the causes of photoageing…

Take a read of  Photoageing… What damage is the sun doing? 


Vitamin A is the answer to all your skin (ageing) concerns!

The reality is that nearly everyone on planet Earth is Vitamin A deficient… And Vitamin A is the one ingredient every skin needs in order to be healthy, strong and youthful. Our skin is our largest organ and it needs to be nourished with essential ingredients to keep it functioning efficiently.

It’s never too early or too late to start your skin health journey!

Just remember… Prevention is better than a cure.


Jodie xx

Your Personal Skin Technician