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A tan is a scar…


And it causes permanent damage.


As we are in the midst of yet another hot Queensland summer…it is becoming more and more prevalent that everyone is wanting to flawnt a golden, sun kissed, tanned skin!!!  After spending the Christmas break at the beach, I was in shock as to how many people had literally ‘roasted’ their skin.  Even more shocking was the number of children who’s skin was exactly the same.  This is just evidence as to why the skin cancer rate is on the rise.


“After the 1920’s, Coco Chanel started the fashion among the rich in the West to wear stark white clothing accentuated by a rich brown tan. A tan meant that the person had the financial means to relax in the sun…”

Vitamin A Skin Science, Dr Des Fernandes & Dr Ernst Eiselen.


The other problem (and what also makes me angry) is the mis-information and people’s perception that the higher the SPF the greater the protection and the longer you can spend being exposed to the sun. But I’ll leave this for a whole other blog post!




The damage is done before you even realise…


“The shocking fact is that a significant part of our sun damage occurs when we are still teenagers. Damage sustained at this time accumulates and is not dimminished by the passage of time.”

Vitamin A Skin Science, Dr Des Fernandes & Dr Ernst Eiselen.


Our skin is damaged as a direct results of ultraviolet light (UVA & UVB rays) penetrating our skin.  In fact, you don’t have to be directly exposed to the sun, for damage to be done.  UV rays radiate through glass, fluorescent lights, energy-saving bulbs and computer screens.  Constant daily exposure can cause as much damage to the skin as sun baking at the beach once a year.  It’s also possible to feel the effects of the sun in cool climate countries, as UVA rays can still penetrate.


UVA – A is for Ageing

[penetrates deep into the skin] 

Although we might not see the immediate consquence of UVA rays, the damage that they do is responsible for premature ageing. The reason no instant, damage is visible is because the UVA rays penetrate straight through the epidermis and down into the dermis where all the skin cells are still active.

“UVA rays have a slow effect on the skin, and exposure to them manifests as increased pigmentation, that is, a tan.  A tan is in effect a scar.  It might, for a short time, be the most appealing scar we humans get, but it is a scar that never goes away.”

Vitamin A Skin Science, Dr Des Fernandes & Dr Ernst Eiselen.

The scary part is, you don’t have to be burnt (erythema) to do damage to your skin.  The more sun exposure you’ve received in your life and the older you get the more apparent the damage becomes… UVA damage will inevitably sneak up on you!


UVB – B is for Burning

[causes skin cancers]

Most people would be fairly familiar with UVB rays, as I am sure almost every Queenslander/Australian has at some stage of their life experienced some degree of sun burn (hopefully not too severe).  Unfortuntely UVB rays are also responsible for skin cancers!!!

“Sunburn is the extreme, visible, physical damage of these rays, characterised by redness and blistering”

Vitamin A Skin Science, Dr Des Fernandes & Dr Ernst Eiselen. 

Whilst UVB rays are known to cause damage to our skin, they also play a very important role in our immune health… UVB rays, are responsible for the manufacture of Vitamin D.  Vitamin D deficiency is surprisingly on the rise and is thought to be linked to cancer and osteoporosis (have a blood test & make sure your levels are over 100).  However, you should not expose yourself for any longer than 20 minutes if you wish to make adequate levels of Vitamin D.  Stay out for any longer and the body will start to destroy it.


It’s important to protect your skin!

We can’t avoid the sun or we’d all suffer from vitamin D deficiency…but there are ways to protect your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays.

Limit your sun exposure, cover up your skin with clothing, wear a hat, use a sunscreen with an SPF of 15.  I know it can be very hard to find, but Environ have the perfect product.


Environ Alpha Day Lotion $80

My absolute FAVOURITE sunscreen!!! (I’ll admit, I used this for the first time over the Christmas break and I fell in love with it.) It is truley fantastic… This sunscreen – does not feel sticky, doesn’t make your skin white, hydrates your skin, helps improve uneven skin tone, contains no nasty chemicals and most importantly protects your skin!  So no sun burn…

It’s a must, for the beach as the sand doesn’t stick to you. This products will save your skin.



Environ Vitamin A, C & E Body Cream $80

(or Environ Vitamin A, C & E Enhanced Body Oil $97)

It’s even more important to continue to looking after your skin following time spent in the sun… It is well researched and has been proven, that topical application of Vitamin A, C & E plus antioxidants pre and post sun exposure will help repair and strengthen your skin.  Whilst these ingredients will counteract free radical damage caused by UV rays, they will also improve the appearance of the skin, leaving it radiant. Daily application is essential for results to be seen.


Jodie xx

Your Personal Skin Technician