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Jane Iredale revolutionised the aesthetic industry in 1994. Passionate about healthy skin and its appearance, she created a 100% pure mineral makeup powder. A world first, the Amazing Base® Loose Mineral Powder was designed as a multi-functional product. The jane iredale® four-in-one foundations, perform as a foundation, concealer, skincare and broad spectrum sunscreen. Upon application of a sheer to full coverage, your skin still has the ability to breath and function as normal. The natural ingredients leave the skin with a light-weight, luminous, velvety texture that requires minimal touch-ups. jane iredale - THE SKIN CARE MAKEUP® proudly complies with sunscreen, stability and preservative Efficacy testing. The product line is also recognised as non-comedogenic, minimal allergy risk, cruelty free and is safe from nano-size particles. The addition of colour has seen the range expand to include an extensive range of lip, cheek and eye mineral makeup.

Using THE SKIN CARE MAKEUPTM your skin is given the freedom to shine.


Radiant, beautiful skin doesn't just stop with skincare. The makeup you wear for eight or more hours a day does have an impact on your skin's health. A chemical filled makeup has nasty effects on the skin and is often a contributor to your skin concerns. But you're already using a "mineral makeup"? Sadly, it possibly only contains as a minimum, 3% pure minerals and 97% chemical fillers.

Personal Skin highly recommends applying jane iredale® daily to enhance the results of your Environ skincare. As an extension of your skincare, the beneficial ingredients, botanicals and SPF protect your skin from harmful Ultra Violet Rays. Exposing your skin to the sun can cause irreversible damage including sun spots and premature ageing. jane iredale® products with an SPF 15-25 contain two physical sunscreen actives to help protect the skin against UVA - (premature skin ageing) and UVB - (burning) rays.

Be skin smart, be sun smart... Use jane iredale - THE SKIN CARE MAKEUP®.

YOUR COLOUR MATCH - Complimentary

24 foundation shades... Which one is a perfect match for your skin tone?

Luckily Personal Skin offers a complimentary jane iredale® colour matching consultation. Our jane iredale® trained makeup technician will discuss and determine which foundation suits your needs, skin type, lifestyle and then precisely colour match to your preferred foundation. Your makeup technician will also give you a personalised demonstration on how to correctly apply your products, to ensure you are confident in their application.

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